11 Best Apps to Help Quit Drinking (2021)

//11 Best Apps to Help Quit Drinking (2021)

11 Best Apps to Help Quit Drinking (2021)

best apps to quit drinkingFor most of us, quitting drinking isn’t easy. It takes guts and determination and a well thought out strategy.

Although a big part of giving up comes from within, technology can also play its part in helping us stay off the booze. Let’s take a look at some options where technology can help you achieve your goal.

Use one or use them all, it’s up to you. Personally, I used them all and still use a few of them. They’re easily downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

Apps that will help you quit drinking

1. No More

no more app

A simple app that allows you to enter your start date for giving up alcohol. It will then proudly display the number of days you’ve gone sobre. There is also a motivating quote for each day. I looked at this all the time in my early months of sobriety but now it’s just nice to refer to occasionally to see how far I’ve come.

2. Evernote

evernote appThis tool has many purposes and is a hugely popular app for good reason, it gets the job done. You can use this as a journal to write down how you’re feeling each day. This is especially important in the early days as you can refer back to it. It works as great motivation to remind yourself how bad things were and how you’ll never go back there. There is also an audio function so you can voice record if you’re not a keen typer.

3. Stop Drinking

quit drinking appUsing hypnotherapy, Andrew Johnson will help you shrug off alcohol by using positive suggestions and visualisation. It will help you stay focused on achieving your goal. I used this app each night before bed. It not only helps with healthy habits, but also helps with falling asleep.

4. Couch to 5K

couch to 5kMany alcoholics have let themselves go. With all the drinking taking place, there’s been no time to work out. Now is your chance. Couch to 5k will allow you to take small steps towards running 5k (that’s just over 3 miles). Don’t underestimate what you can achieve once you put drinking behind you. This is a very achievable goal for most if you don’t try to do too much too soon. I also recommend consulting your Doctor first if you’re not in good health.

5. Facebook

facebook appDownload the Facebook app if you haven’t already and get access to loads of groups all over the world that will help you stay sober. Although groups dedicated to staying away from alcohol are really useful, you could also join other groups like fitness, good eating and positivity groups.

6. Sobriety Counter

sobriety counter appSimilar to the No More app only this one has a bit more to offer. For example, you can take a guess at how much you used to spend on alcohol and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve saved by stopping drinking. This was great motivation for me and I’m sure it will be for you too. There’s also motivational quotes and a nice selection of pictures to choose from for your background.

7. AA 12 Step Toolkit

12 step toolkitAlthough I didn’t use AA for my recovery, I know a lot do. It has helped masses of problem drinkers over the years and there are locations worldwide to attend. But sometimes you’re travelling or you can’t make it to a meeting. Perhaps you want to do some reading? This app is your go-to buddy to access AA resources on the fly.

8. Always Positive Daily Quotes

always positive daily quotesPositive quotes can change your whole mindset for the day. Fill your head with positivity rather than negative news first thing in the morning and you’ll have a better shot at staying sober for life.

9. MyFitnessPal 

my fitness pal

Eating the right food is really important when you stop drinking. Foods full of nutritional goodness reduce cravings for alcohol and improve your mental mindset. This app will allow you to input the foods you’re eating so that you can see whether you’re eating too much sugar, calories, salt and lots more. Stick to a good eating plan for a month along with exercise and you’ll create a winning habit.

10. Meetup

meetup appDon’t get stuck at home moping and feeling sorry for yourself. In this age of technology, there really in no reason to be alone. Use Meetup to find loads of activities, groups, classes and more that will keep you active. The best part is, many of these meetups are free to join.

11. Kindle

kindle appA great app for downloading a huge selection of books. Start learning a new hobby or take yourself to another world with a fictional masterpiece.

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  1. An Amazing Journey to Sobriety August 6, 2018 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    Thanks for all the information. It was very helpful. Some other thoughts…
    Alcohol issues are often related to fears, emotional distress dating back to childhood. Parental abuse or lack of attention, being the less-loved child, being bullied at school, absent father and paranoid mother, death of relatives, need to fit in… I strongly encourage you to reconsider your whole life while trying to quit drinking, if you can. There is a lot to gain, nothing to lose. Except the overly adapted you, who is not you, but a part of you who wants/needs to please others, and which existence might be the actual pain. You can find an infinite freedom, much further than a simple addiction-free lifestyle, by taking the opportunity to investigate inside of your own soul.

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