A Letter to all my drinking friends and family

//A Letter to all my drinking friends and family

A Letter to all my drinking friends and family

letter from an alcoholic

Dear Drinker,

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been almost two years since my last drink and we don’t spend as much time together as we used to. When we do meet, I could be wrong, but there seems to be a distance between us. Am I just imagining it?

We were always such great friends in my drinking days. Perhaps one day we can learn to co-exist and maintain a friendship based on common interests rather than what we drink.

I’m writing you this letter to try and clear a few things up. Maybe it will help answer a few of your questions?

1. I don’t judge you

I drank for many years and, at one point, used to really enjoy it. It’s easy to see why people drink – it’s fun. So please understand that I’m not watching with contempt as you drink. I don’t judge you. I’m not a vegan trying to change the world based on my beliefs. The decision not to drink is a personal one; booze wasn’t working out for me. If it’s working for you, then enjoy it. There are no judgements from my side of the room.

2. My survival depends on staying sober

Alcoholism is a progressive illness. The ones that identify their drinking problem in it’s early stages, and act, are the lucky ones. It may not look like I need to stop drinking, but believe me, I do.

3. No, 1 drink isn’t ok

When I’m out socialising next time with you, please don’t offer me a drink. If I take that drink in a moment of weakness the outcome could be really bad.

If you have a friend that previously lost their house due to gambling, you’d never try to entice them into visiting the casino for the weekend. 5 minutes on the slots could set them on a downward spiral again. The same applies to alcoholism. One drink is all it takes for all logic to go out the door.

I really do envy drinkers who can moderate their consumption of alcohol. Nothing beats a hard day at work followed by a beer. Or sitting at the beach, on holiday, sipping a cocktail as the sun sets. Sports games aren’t the same without a few beers. The problem is, while normal people finish their night and go home, I keep going. The thought of stopping is depressing. I drink until nausea kicks in and then sleep it off, only to wake the next day horribly hungover. Yes, most of us have been in this situation, even normal drinkers. But when you do that every drinking session, you’ve got to accept that you have a problem.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope we do meet again soon and that we can remain friends. I’m still the same person that loves watching sport and having a laugh. I’m sure that if you can take into account the above three points things will be cool again. All the best!

Yours Sincerely

Problem Drinker.

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