How to stay sober during a pandemic

During isolation, recovering alcoholics have the opportunity to go unnoticed, reverting to old bad habits. Don’t let that be you. Follow the life-saving tips on this page to get through the pandemic sober, happy, and healthy. COVID-19 sure has put a spanner in the works for us alcoholics. Just when you think the recovery process is tracking well, along comes self-isolation, and along with it, the inability to connect with recovery fellowships. The hope of developing a vaccine in the short-term seems unlikely, and as the virus flares up in communities, we are likely to see continued lockdowns. Unfortunately, no [...]

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How To Sleep Without Alcohol

This article looks at how to sleep without drinking alcohol. A common problem for those who've quit alcohol. Introduction Life without sleep is a miserable existence. It affects you in so many ways¹: difficulty concentrating, mood swings, memory issues, high blood pressure. In a nutshell, you feel awful and it makes daily life a chore. As a drunk, falling asleep can come easily. We fill our body with chemicals that allow our brain to shut off, causing us to crash until the morning. So when we decide to give up drinking, a common side affect is difficulty falling asleep or [...]

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A Complete Guide to PAWS

PAWS. It's a cute sounding name for something that is responsible for a lot of distress amongst some recovering alcoholics. Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) is a group of symptoms that can occur after you've gone through the initial acute withdrawal symptoms. In other words, getting through the initial withdrawal symptoms may only be the start of the battle. PAWS is very unique to each recovering alcoholic and it is very important that you seek medical advice if necessary. Don't spend hours googling your symptoms. PAWS symptoms are similar to some serious diseases. Save yourself a lot of stress by [...]

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How to Deal With Social Anxiety Sober

During my teen years I developed social anxiety. Being around people never came easy whether it was at a party with friends or at a family get-together. Throughout these awkward events, my goal was to simply get through the day without saying or doing anything stupid. One day alcohol entered my life and everything changed. All it took was one or two beers and all social anxiety disappeared. I became a more engaging, exciting, fun, confident guy. People genuinely seemed to like the intoxicated version of me more than the sober one. That didn't bother me. For the first time [...]

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How To Deal With Falling Off The Wagon

When an alcoholic makes the decision to quit drinking it's a big step. I'd argue it's the biggest and best move you'll ever make. Let's face it, an alcoholic has many reasons to quit drinking. For many, the withdrawals are a challenge and the initial months require huge amounts of courage and determination. Your body is craving a hit and it will introduce all kinds of distractions and ideas to make you take that drink. You slog it out and when it feels like you can't take it any more, the clouds part and life starts to improve. You may [...]

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18 Best Alcohol Withdrawal Vitamins [2021]

Discover how vitamins can reduce cravings and other unwanted symptoms related to alcohol withdrawal. Introduction Quitting drinking alcohol can be a nightmare. You get hit from two sides: there’s the physical addiction in the first few days which can wreak havoc on your body. Then there’s the ongoing mental addiction that tugs away at you every day you go without; trying desperately to entice you back into your former bad habit. Don’t take the decision to quit drinking lightly. I strongly urge heave drinkers to seek medical advice before going cold turkey. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be very “persuasive” [...]

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A Letter to all my drinking friends and family

Dear Drinker, I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been almost two years since my last drink and we don’t spend as much time together as we used to. When we do meet, I could be wrong, but there seems to be a distance between us. Am I just imagining it? We were always such great friends in my drinking days. Perhaps one day we can learn to co-exist and maintain a friendship based on common interests rather than what we drink. I’m writing you this letter to try and clear a few things up. Maybe it will help [...]

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How Meditation Can Help You Quit Drinking

As individuals, we aren’t determined by what we do occasionally. Our life is determined by our repeated habits. That’s why, if we want to develop into our perfect self, breaking bad habits is essential. Meditation can play a major part in breaking out of bad cycles and crushing those bad habits. If you want to quit drinking, and give up any other bad habits at the same time, meditation can be very helpful. How meditation can help with alcoholism Calms the emotions Improved motivation and clarity. Less focused on past and future worries Feeling of self-acceptance and peace Reduction in [...]

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How to Avoid Drinking During New Year’s Eve

I want to make a quick confession. New Years Eve 2018 was a dangerous  time for me. I almost drank. For any normal person they'd be reading this thinking I was crazy - of course you should drink during New Years Eve! It's the biggest party night of the year right? Not for me and millions of alcoholics throughout the world. I gave up drinking in 2016. The road was damn hard early on but in the last 6 months it has been smooth sailing for me. There have been mild cravings but nothing to worry about. On Dec 31st, [...]

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21 Things I Don’t Miss About Drinking

When you're a problem drinker, you don't realise how many negatives there are to drinking. It's not until you actually stop that the penny drops. The truth is, every day I'm thankful that I was able to quit drinking. I could list over a hundred things I don't miss about drinking but here are some of my favourites. What I don't miss Never having any money Hangovers Embarrassing myself at family events Losing jackets out on the town Beer belly Anxiety Kidney pain Lack of motivation Never having any spare time Dodgy breath at work Sweating out beer at work [...]

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