11 Best Apps to Help Quit Drinking (2021)

For most of us, quitting drinking isn't easy. It takes guts and determination and a well thought out strategy. Although a big part of giving up comes from within, technology can also play its part in helping us stay off the booze. Let's take a look at some options where technology can help you achieve your goal. Use one or use them all, it's up to you. Personally, I used them all and still use a few of them. They're easily downloadable on iOS and Android devices. Apps that will help you quit drinking 1. No More A simple app [...]

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3 reasons why alcohol moderation is futile

I have no doubt, if you have a drinking problem you fit into one of these categories: you've tried to reduce your alcohol intake you and thinking about moderating your intake Alcohol moderation is a strategy many problem drinkers first choose to deal with their bad habit. The idea is to reduce their intake to within acceptable medical guidelines. From my experience and through reading forums, it seems that many try to taper their drinking unsuccessfully. Let's review some research to see whether it supports my anecdotal evidence. Moderation v Abstinence: The Research Research carried out by Miller et al. found [...]

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14 Kickass Reasons to have an Alcohol Free Festive Season

The thought of going alcohol-free in the festive season can be terrifying. This is the time for "good cheer" with family and friends. It almost made me physically sick thinking about a whole week with my family beer-less. Alcohol was my social crutch that boosted my confidence and made boring situations fun. When I finally made it through my first Christmas holiday season without alcohol I was surprised that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought. More importantly, there were all these benefits I hadn't even thought about. Why a sober Christmas is actually a good thing 1. [...]

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How to Kick Your Drinking Habit with the HALT Method

You've tried to give up drinking dozens of times only to somehow end up back in that same drinking rut within a few days. I feel your frustration because I've been there - and so have the majority of other alcoholics. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA), 30% of alcoholics will make a full recovery. That means 70% will quit sobriety and go back to bad old habits. Why do alcoholics return to drinking? Impulse drinking is a common reason for alcoholics to fall off the wagon. They're driving back from work and spot a favourite drinking [...]

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Getting to the Root Cause of Drinking

We all have our reasons for drinking alcohol. For some it's required for a fun night out socialising, for others it's to bury a bad day. As an alcoholic, it's crucial to try and identify what causes your excessive drinking - to get to the root of the cause. Beer, wine, spirits: they're often a band-aid used to cover up an underlying problem. The longer you cover it up, the bigger the band-aid that's required. When you give up drinking you'll no longer have your "emotional crutch". Your chances of living sober long term will increase by dealing with what [...]

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How to Deal with Happy Drinking Memories

We alcoholics are very good at romanticising about the glory days of drinking. After a month of sobriety it's so easy to forget the hangovers, the financial stress, the bad decisions and guilt. What we prefer to do is dream about the days when drinking was fun. We fondly recall those Christmas sessions where we would eat and be merry all through the day and nothing bad happened. Or how about watching our favourite sports team with a "few" beers - that was so much fun! For me, I still find myself occasionally smiling as I think back on my [...]

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