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Wisequit offers a big range of resources to help you lead a life of sobriety. To enhance your learning and recovery check out the following groups that have a solid history of assisting with alcoholism recovery.

Recovery Support Groups

Smart Recovery offers a group based support network worldwide which provides tools to help with recovery based on scientific research.

AA offers support groups internationally where recovering addicts can learn the 12 steps to recovery.


Sober Recovery is a popular addiction forum that provides a ton of information about alcoholism. What I like about this forum is that you can get a lot of answers from people who have been where you are. You can also write down how you’re feeling and use the forum as a type of journal. It’s really helpful when you’re feeling a moment of weakness and are considering hitting the bottle: just take a look at your earlier posts to remind yourself of how you felt just prior to giving up.

Addiction Treatment Centers

I’ll be providing a range of options for treatment centers across the USA and also some international venues in this section soon.