How To Sleep Without Alcohol

//How To Sleep Without Alcohol

How To Sleep Without Alcohol

This article looks at how to sleep without drinking alcohol. A common problem for those who’ve quit alcohol.


Life without sleep is a miserable existence. It affects you in so many ways¹: difficulty concentrating, mood swings, memory issues, high blood pressure. In a nutshell, you feel awful and it makes daily life a chore.

As a drunk, falling asleep can come easily. We fill our body with chemicals that allow our brain to shut off, causing us to crash until the morning. So when we decide to give up drinking, a common side affect is difficulty falling asleep or waking up frequently through the night. It’s frustrating I know. We’re trying to do the right thing for our body and it rewards us with insomnia!

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5 tips to help you sleep like a baby

The good news is you can sleep a whole night without alcohol. It may take a week or two to develop new habits but once you’re there, it’ll be worth it.

1. Use relaxation methods

Breathing can have a big impact on helping you sleep. Consider doing 10 minutes of meditation before bed each night to get you into the right frame of mind. I understand that the word meditation makes some of us run for the hills. If that’s you then think of it as simply breathing. Just find a nice quiet spot and breath deeply. Simple.

2. Get yourself a supplement

There are numerous supplements to help you quit drinking and to deal with all those side effects including restless sleep. I wrote a big article about the best alcohol withdrawal supplements – check it out, it’s well worth a read. I should mention that an effective recovery plan should include professional medical advice so be sure to get that before taking any supplements.

3. Keep active during the day

Exercise was huge for me during my recovery. It helped detox my system and helped to rid my mind of any negative thinking. It’s hard to feel down after a long run!

Keeping your mind active is important too. Work is a good way to keep your mind off the problems in your life. If you don’t work, consider volunteer work, starting a hobby or create a blog. Anything to keep your mind positive.

4. Avoids stimulants

This should be the first thing you address. Coffee, caffeine filled drinks, sugar, fried food. None of it will help your sleep. Instead go for a healthier option; lots of fresh vegetables are a good start.

5. Say goodbye to screen time

Televisions and mobile devices should be switched off half an hour before sleep time. In fairness, I do usually glance at a couple of my favourite apps just before sleeping. I like to check my “No More” app to see how many days I’m sober. It’s motivating.

Are you tempted to drink again?

Don’t be. You may think you’re getting a good night sleep² by drinking before sleep, but you’re not. In reality, your body is busy processing the alcohol and doesn’t get a chance to shut-down or get the much needed deep sleep. Instead of drinking, take some simple steps to set yourself up for a successful nights sleep. Yes, it is possible to sleep without alcohol and the way you’ll feel the next day will make it well worth while.

Further reading

  1. You can read more about sleep deprivation on the Healthline website.
  2. Find out about how your sleep is affected by alcohol on the National Sleep Foundation’s site.
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